Learning And Content

Falco Peregrinus boasts of a highly experienced learning and content team. The team has hands on working experience of working in a variety of web content and intranet portals.

Learning and development

The team also brings to fore experience of having worked in rapid e-learning mode, developing and running virtual classrooms, pure online learning, and mobile learning. We offer a variety of learning and content services spread across the following core areas :

  • Content Aggregation and Conversion
  • Learning Technology Consulting
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Development Center of Excellence
  • Content Aggregation and Conversion

Falco Peregrinus would partner with you to analyze, map and aggregate and/or convert the content and the data associated in an efficient way. Our uniqueness lies in our ability of being able to find patterns that are repeatable and build a toolset/process. More specifically we offer:

  • Content Migration life Flash to HTML5
  • CMS to LMS Migration
  • Cross Technology Content Conversion
  • Web-enabled content and website portals

Learning Technology Consulting

Learning Technology Consulting helps you in your learning technology needs. We offer to work with your team and help them architect solutions to your clients’ requirements and train your team on these standards.

Learning strategy

Learning Management Systems

The Falco Peregrinus team has worked with various LMS and Delivery platforms. Our team also has working experience to work with industry standard platforms and other such ERP based Learning Management Systems. We will be happy to help you with the requirements covering:

  • SABA, Docent, Blackboard, Plateau, KnowledgePlanet
  • Moodle, Joomla, Sharepoint, Google site