Product Engineering

Product Engineering And Development

Product Engineering and development refers to the designing and developing of a product. It involves all the process designing and development of a platform, testing and finally the production. We have built a right set of team for product development since it requires a deep understanding of user behaviour, concept and prototype.

Our product development and engineering value propositions deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients ensuring right quality, stability and has low time to market. At Falco Peregrinus we adopt a sustainable design approach to ensure that quality products are reaching out to our valuable end-users. The various phases and sub services involved are :

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Release
  • Sustenance/ Re-engineering
  • Concept Layout

This being the initial stage, involves conceiving the idea and at the same time documenting it in terms of specifications and requirements. We further scrutinize the idea to know whether it is worth pursuing or not. The ideas might be great but we take immense care in adopting the apt one.


Once the concept is finalized, we move forward to bring the concept to life by creating engineering designs. Any improvements and changes required are also made in this phase before the design is finalized.


The next phase is about development. We feel it necessary and pay a lot of attention towards implementing the project and managing and optimizing costs.


A developed product always has to go through proper quality checks to validate that the developed product meets the intended use and does not contain any faults. Any such faults need to be identified during this phase and then we work on the required changes, modifications or rectification in order to release the product.


Once the product is developed, it is then released into the market. Feedback has to be collected from users to further improve the product in the following versions. It can also be given to external product testers to understand the user experience.

Sustenance/ Re-Engineering

Once the product is released into the market, periodic updates and enhancements will be pushed with time along with maintenance from our end. We also establish a support system to meet customer grievances and to rectify those issues in a timely manner. We provide Sustenance for the intended lifespan of the product.