Nao Robots


Nao is a programmable personal teaching assistant. Nao helps teachers bring lessons to life, making learning more fun and more concrete for students. The future of education is Nao. It’s easy to add new content, capabilities, skills and know-how to Nao. You can even develop Nao’s personality in the process.

How Nao helps you in your learning and development process:

Nao forms real relationships with the students. Nao has the personality with the patience and positivity to inspire students to keep focused and keep trying. Nao connects theory to practice with hands-on projects that encourage students to participate, improves team work, create problem-solving capabilities by making the learning more active and engaging. With the ability to help the students of all ages, Nao is showing its power to STEM students by offering extra support and attention to the children with special needs. Nao is also helping researchers by conducting interactive experiments, collect data, test new theories and find answers.

  • Nao was built to learn
  • Nao can even help in research along with education
  • Nao can speak in 20 languages.
  • Nao is open and fully programmable.
  • Nao has a feel for the environment

Nao in STEM education:

Knowledge of STEM is vital from the early stages of one’s education. In most current education programs, however, STEM is introduced rather late, as late as secondary to higher education. But what if we were to tell you that STEM can be inculcated in the very early stages of learning? Yes, it’s possible thanks to NAO and it’s versatile nature! The basic curriculum can be spiced up by fusing it with NAO, who can not only deliver lectures but also perform actions and gesticulation to better understand the concepts. Language learning is also a vital part of the applications of NAO, where the fundamentals of a language can be taught to young learners with ease.