A Paradigm Shift In Learning And Organization Development | Gamification

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The sole objective of learning and organization development is to emphasize on the strategic learning and development through carefully crafted solutions enabling individual, teams and organizations to achieve measures beyond their limit.

In a way, learning is a process through which an individual and an organization identify their core capabilities to interpret an object and event around. Considering the impact of learning in an organizational growth, it is important to analyse the design and framework of it keeping an individual at center point.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein

We have been playing various games since childhood and that’s how we have learnt the most fundamental concept of life. And eventually, this approach has been adopted in almost all primary schools for kids. Based on similar notion, organization across the globe started exploring the gamification and the results was fascinating. In layman terms, gamification is an approach which leverages the game-thinking to engage users in non-game scenarios such as business environment, human resource development.

Learning: A Catalyst For Organizational Growth

Learning is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences. But the question comes, why we are learning at first place? And how is it helpful to an individual or an organization? That’s a seemingly obvious question people and organisations are struggling to answer and even in some cases, they underestimate the value of it. An organisation is built from an individual and to evaluate an individual, we go by their skills and core-value. Therefore every single individual play a crucial role for an organization growth.

To understand the real organizational growth, need to define the organizational growth only through inclusive approach. What we meant by this is – how we can include the whole ecosystem of an organization and society where company flourish. In order to bring the organizational resources inline and the human resource as well as the capital interact with each other, the resources should be in a position to interact with each other.This involves a communication process and requires a point of delivery as well as a medium of delivery. This process seems to be really easy considering we usually talk and deliver speech at every second and minute of our life. But, it may be tricky considering the selection of subject and words. This is an art which can be inculcated only through learning.

‘Learning’ is the source of organizational growth. Having said that, it is evident that organizational growth is proportional to the learning activities taking place at individual level, team level as well as company level.

Innovation In Learning

The fundamental idea behind bringing in innovation in learning is to carefully look at the way we are learning. The need of the hour lies in reinventing and restructuring the learning process. Over the period of time, we have developed our own sense and perspective of learning. There should be innovation involved at each stage of learning which would empower the individuals and bring in fundamental ethos in the country. As per the current scenario, too much of goal-orientedness has led us to produce and think products rather than focusing on the quality of life and the work we do.

Innovation in learning doesn’t mean it has to be in terms of devices only. It maybe in the quality and maturity a person develops within himself/herself to focus on quality learning and peace of mind. Innovation may be in the methods/tricks developed or initiated by the teachers that may help the students come out with flying colours and reach heights.

Organizational spaces aren’t restricted to an individual. There are group of like minded as well as unlike minded people coexisting together in a mutual space. This may result in rising conflicts at various stages. But, if the people within the organization are innovative enough in terms of learning whether technically or spiritually, and apply it towards building up self-esteem or, a product or building up a strategy, it would ultimately result into growing up organization on many fronts.

Gamification In Learning,Training & Development

‘Gamification’ is an approach discovered and tested by many organizations, industrialists and institutes to make the harder stuff in life appear to be fun while solving. The idea behind the gamification concept is to ease the stress and difficulty that a person faces in doing a day-to-day tasks, logical and analytical tasks.

It is a proven method that people understand and retain better when they absorb visually or practically instead of textually. Still, at certain point of time they may face difficulties in dealing with the problem statement. Consider a situation in which they are introduced to a problem solving approach where they perform tasks like pointing score, competing with others,rules and regulations all as apart of a game. This way ensures a healthy engagement of all the people making learning fun.

Gamification In Engagement

There may be several small and large teams at a workplace whether it is an IT industry or a government organization. Exclusive of the team size, it is necessary to bring them inline with a binding force acting in such a way that each and every member of the team knows their USP and stands unique in their own way.

People engagement is the major challenge faced by the concerned authorities of various sectors. Within an organization, the main challenge lies in engaging the whole team while bringing all the team members on the same page. Gamification can be the biggest solution to this challenge. Implementing Gamification in team building would generate an aura of connectivity among the team members giving them a feel and sense of teamwork.

The idea of implementing gamification in team building is to serve the ultimate purpose of long term commitment. People develop an understanding with each other which helps in a better coordination giving efficient results.


Gamification is an efficient and modern way of learning and development. After the successful implementation of gamification in the education sector, teaching trickier concepts has become a cake walk reducing student stress enhancing their grasping ability. The same is in the case of organizational teams, wherein, gamification has brought in complete satisfaction and reduced stress. However, there are still institutes and organizations which stick to their old school ways. With proper awareness and implementation of gamification, we can together build a healthier and better world letting people vanish and enjoy the true colours of their happy life.

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