UI Vs UX, Who Needs Which Of These, And Why?

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UI stands for User Interface which is a space that involves user interaction with the application device. It involves the interaction of humans and machines.

The objective here is to let humans make an effective use of machines with proper interaction among the both. So, in general terms, humans interact with the machines through interface feeding in the request and the machine performs the requested operations as per the input feedback from the user end. All in all it is a way to easify and make it enjoyable for the user to interact and operate a machine.

UX stands for User Experience and is all about the emotions, behaviour and ease of how the end users feel or face while using a certain product, services, features, system or interacting with the system. It deals with enhancing the process of user satisfaction giving them a meaningful, relevant and satisfactory experience. It focuses majorly on the usability and accessibility.

How Does Ui & Ux Is Important For Product Engineering

Falco carries a firm belief that UI and UX in any development is of utmost importance from the user’s point of view. The importance may vary from a user perspective to that of an organization’s. Let us get into the shoes of a common man and try to understand what would UI and UX mean or appear to an end user. What an end user wants? All they need is that a clean and neat interface that is well responsive. They generally show a tendency of likeness and ease of use towards the applications that appear good in appearance as well as are user-friendly.

How can we say that a product is successful? This is analyzed based on its audience or the number of end users using it. The number of users visiting your website or using an application helps you understand how much effective your UI/UX are thus giving a clear picture how much the product has succeeded. A product can be declared as successful, if it manages to gain the confidence of its consumers thereby providing them with the best of UI/UX features.

Over the years, being into this industry, we have seen that, organizations see product engineering as a creative development field. They conceptualize it as the creation and assembly of a device, system, etc. so that it can be produced as an element or item for sale, business or social distribution. UI/UX stands at the forefront of product engineering.

User Base And Behaviour For UI & UX

It is seen in our day to day life via various scenarios or incidents in which a single product in the market is preferred and loved by a user but, the same product doesn’t even find a place in the other user’s house. There may be several reasons for a user to opt for that product but the same might not be applicable for the other users.

The acceptance of a product may vary from user to user. If a product is being used by a person and the same product isn’t being used by the other set of people, that doesn’t mean the product must be having a defect. The use of product varies from person to person as per their needs and choices. People tend to choose those products which their friends and family have recommended them or the ones which they have used personally before and are comfortable using it.

At Falcon Peregrinus, we have been a part of several research and case studies where we found that the use of a product not solely depends upon the choice of a person, but, also choice of a product varies among the people of different ages, sex, geography, sector and class. The youth might select one kind of a product and the adults the other kind. It may also be based on geography i.e., a product may be available in one region of the globe but not the other. Some product may be affordable by a particular class of people and may not be by others. Some products would be made exclusively for males or females.

Psychology Behind UI & UX

Our design experience of more than 30 years says, user psychology plays an important role in choosing a particular UI or UX. When an organization is developing a product, let’s say an application, they keep in mind certain constraints in mind. They make a plan as to what a person may need in the UI and how they can enhance the UX. They get into the shoes of a common man and try to analyse their requirements and behavior.

Ui & Ux Plays Important Role For Success And Sustainability Of Product

Mere developing a new product and launching it in the market doesn’t help the purpose. This not at all justifies the success of a product. We have been into product engineering for more than 30 years and our design sense says organizations need to keep it in their mind that in order to bring in success and sustainability for any product in the market, their UI and UX designing has to be consistent across the product line-up. If the UI designing is properly done, the UX design will start falling in place thereby.

User interface

Many of the globally leading companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have set up a benchmark and are well known for the design principles. They have done a great work in order to enhance their design principles by many folds and have come out as a brand in themselves. Just their name is enough for the people to opt for their products. This is so because, over the years these companies have built up a trust among their consumers. That trust of the consumers in their products help these brands to grow successfully at the same time maintaining the consistency.


At Falcon Peregrinus, we believe UI and UX are important design principles which an organization as well a user looks for. Both are equally important. Organizations, keeping the interest of their customers inline, should work on developing their UI in such a way that the UX automatically falls in place. We firmly believe, UI is followed up by UX. Hence, focusing on UI designing and enhancing it would attract customers by huge numbers thus, enhancing the UX.

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