Competency Management | Why Organizations Need To Shift To Competency Management From Organizational Development Perspective

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Competency Management is the process of listing, categorizing, developing and managing the skills possessed by the employees within an organization. In common day language, competencies are nothing but the behavior, skills, performance, etc.

To achieve the goals set by an organization, it is necessary to chart out the roadmap for as to how you are going to achieve it. It is a complex as well as very challenging. But, once an organization masters this art, no one can stop that organization to sustain.

It is the most viable method that helps an organization to build up teams by identifying and recognizing people define the leadership and job specific skills or competencies in order to increase the productivity and achieve success.

How Does Competency Management Help An Organization In The Upliftment?

As competencies describe the “how” factor of accomplishing the organizational goals, it is a blueprint roadway of achieving it. Organizations need to work on and revolve around the process of competency management. This way they can ensure an increased and consistent performance of their employees. And why only this, a plus point is that, it would help build the intra organizational work culture.

We can sum up the process as the responsibility/ initiative of an organization to build a clear and broader sense of the behavioural, skills and performance capabilities of their employees towards achieving a common goal.

We at Falco, did a study and came up with an approach. How about going in this way? Organizations first filter out the right set of people while hiring. Further, within the company, they can allot teams based on the behavioural capabilities as it is seen that if people within a team build good repo with each other, they work together and bring in more productivity. Also, there may be some skills present in an employee which the company is aware of, but there are chances that the person actually has broader skills. Victory lies in finding these skills, exploring it, and further utilizing it properly across various areas of organization’s internal as well as external functioning.

Work Model For An Organization For Competency Management

While building the competency management work model, organizations should keep in mind that the model should be built for every single position in the company. The model for one job role may differ from the other. And this can be done by keeping in focus the key abilities of an employee and the commitment required.

As the need differs from organization to organization, we would like to suggest that, the organization should consider the abilities or areas which comes under the same sector, the one which would help in achieving company’s own goals. Falco carries a firm believe that, Rather than focusing on competing with fellow organizations, the concern should be on focusing on our own organizational culture. If we compete with ourselves making us better than the previous ourselves, that would ultimately result into making us stand out better among others. Also, instead of looking or trying to find out the loopholes in the other organization, we should always believe and work towards building or gaining our own sense of skills which would rather help us portray ourselves stand unique from the rest of the crowd.

Please focus here that, the competencies could be innovation related, creativity related, maybe from the technical overview, might be customer- centric, safety and security, or even business related. As we mentioned earlier, every organization should select their own set of competencies. Also, please do not take up too many competencies at a time alone as that would become too cumbersome and result into deviation. As is said and Falco’s belief in the principle, “Quality is important than quantity”, so does imply in the case of competency management. Even though organization may be focusing on only one ability, but it should focus on strengthening it.

Competency Management To Boost People Engagement

Competency Management is not just a door leading an organization to success but also, a proven and efficient way to help retain people. When the abilities and skills of people get recognized, it brings out a confidence in them. Also, it is the best way to engage people within the company. People within the company should be brought inline with the common goals or the organization and recognition as well as enhancement of people’s skill help them work inclusive with the company and attain the goals.

We, at Falco have always worked towards bringing out the fullest potentials of our team members since the inception days. We have tested and implemented several ways, strategies and tools in order to do so. Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Management System (CMS) worked like a right hand and left hand respectively and hence helped us beneficially. It helped us manage our in-house teams for inter communication and also helped them in the learning process right from the day of joining in order to bring the best in them.

Consider an organization, to make a presence in the market, it should be a known name to the people. Maintaining business relations and continuity with the co-existing organizations are indeed a key essential element to sustain. Competency management solves the purpose aligning the organization and hence build up the business continuity.

Challenges In Competency Management

Although Competency Management would sound like everyday business, but, it isn’t the reality. It is way too difficult to manage the abilities than it appears. Having putting our hand and implementing in our own organization, we have experienced that, when it comes to real – time implementation, organizations feel several challenges. Competencies may not be inline with the organizational goals. Often, Competency Management is misconceptualized to be an HR activity rather than considering it a business imperative. Also, at times it is really, difficult to figure out the critical competencies.


Competency Management is the need of the hour. Carrying a potential to build an organization is a big responsibility which it truly possesses. Falco suggests that, Organizations should bring it in immediate effect with proper strategy to stand out in the league. They should spend truly enough and quality time in charting out and focusing on the abilities of the asset present in their organization in the form of human resource.

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