Will Ai And Machine Learning Ever Rule The World?

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Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence is a scientific domain wherein, machines are developed in such a way that they can interact and perform work just like humans.

A number of activities to be listed from includes Speech Recognition, Planning, Problem Solving, etc. The Research and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence requires specialization and high technical skills.

Let us take some time and understand these terms as they are often mismatched and misinterpreted. Machine Learning is an extended branch of Artificial Intelligence underlying the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions without or with minimal human indulgence. AI & ML are going to be the biggest revolution so far in technology industry, reason being that we are going to write an algorithm to understand the patterns and take decision accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have become an integral part of the technology industry. The whole idea of implementation revolves around bringing a revolution in the technology sector by implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning governing all the technical aspects minimizing human interference. The motive is to take Technology to the next level altogether. This way humans will get adequate amount of time to do other meaningful tasks and grow themselves instead of wasting huge amount of their time over simple day-to-day tasks.

As with anything else, implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is followed up by both positive as well as negative outlook. Let’s look into the positive aspects first. Implementing both of these helps in knowing your customer better working on the existing data or newly acquired data. Search Engines are heavily used by any and every single person across the world in order to acquire minutest of the minute queries and concerns. Implementing AI and ML takes the search engines to an altogether a newer and extremely advanced level by refining and restructuring the algorithms. It hugely helps the marketers by many folds as it would help them by understanding the past behaviour of their customers, their upcoming actions and in email filtration process.

However, these have calculated risks also involved with it. Things may not work as it might be planned to and this may prove to be fatal. Implementing such complex technologies has huge cost attached to it.

Ai Implementation And Scope

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are modern day technologies. They have huge scope in the coming future in various sectors. Broadly speaking, Artificial Intelligence is a wide platform providing Machine learning an ecosystem where it can interact and perform independently without minimal or no human intervention.

Industry has seen the evolution of AI and ML since its inception. AI is the most to be sought after and desired technology of current times. It isn’t mere a ‘want’ but, a ‘need’ indeed. Also, a most viable point is that ML is a key essential element for the AI to exist. AI will only fall in place if ML is in place. This is because, Artificial Intelligence can only be applied once the Machine is in a state to operate independently.

Carrying a potential to easify things and reduce the execution time, it has acquired a position in many organizations across various sectors. Software industry, Healthcare, Education, Retail, etc. are among some of the sectors which have seen the early implementation of AI.

Coming days would see an increase in implementation of these technologies. Being such complex technologies, it needs people possessing high technical knowledge and skills. It needs dedicated workforce to develop even a small module of these projects keeping under consideration the complex nature, accuracy and precision required. If attained all these constraints, Artificial Intelligence has wide and dynamic scope.

Ai & Ml Implementation In Day-to-day Life – Common Man’s Encounter

Let us get into the shoes of a common man and try to analyze how AI and ML plays a role in the day-to-day life. You may have encountered these in various fields of your life right from your workplace, school, colleges, day to day mode of transportation, etc. Let’s have a brief insight of these.

In case of finding something or gaining some knowledge about something, what do we do? Yes, you are absolutely right! The first and foremost thing we do is open the Google Search Engine, type our query and find an answer to it. This is the case where almost each of us have encountered AI and ML. Whether it is about finding a nearby store, answer about any of your study related questions or about rocket science, our search engine has it all.

Have you ever booked a cab with an app on your mobile? Bingo! You have already experienced the upcoming technology then. Getting late for an important meeting? Want to check which route you should follow to avoid the traffic? There you are! Google map provides you with all these on your fingertips.

Hey, festival time! Time to shop! Have you visited one of those online retail sites where you can upload product image and based on that they provide you with the product options that match your desired products? Wow! You are again in touch of AI and ML my friend.

Ai & Ml In Automobiles, Education And Healthcare

In the coming future, AI can be applied to automated automobiles which won’t require a man- handle. People who don’t possess driving skills would then be also able to drive the vehicle without having a headache to hire a driver for the business. If applied in Education sector, students may be able to grasp and perform better. Healthcare would reach greater heights increasing the life expectancy of people by providing better healthcare facilities. People can avail better medical facilities with AI-driven medical equipments and reports. Also, with the advancement in the AI, it is very much possible that the medical history and characteristics of a patient can be carried out well in advance which may predict the chances or give a report as to how much vulnerable a person is to some particular disease and what all diseases. This would be a great success in the medical field as then people would be able to consult a doctor and take opinion beforehand to face the diseases.

Ai Implementation Challenges

AI and ML are complex technologies having complex modules. Though implementation of these could solve really complicated problems, it involves really huge costs attached to it. This clearly makes it evident that these aren’t easily affordable technologies. Currently big organizations with huge turnovers have gone for the implementation of these.

The implementation of these technologies will cut down the available job opportunities. This is very much evident from the fact that AI is being implemented to replace human intelligence. Once the machines become decisive enough, there wouldn’t be a need of human decisions and hence no involvement of humans would be require, depleting the job requirements.

Once these technologies fully acquire the market, it is pretty much likely that it will be in the education system too. The over implementation of these technologies for educational insights will reduce student’s capabilities instead of helping it grow.

Also, we humans are increasingly being machine-dependent. Rising of an era, where machines can themselves take decisions, would make us free from several responsibilities and we would be free from our day to day activities and duties completely relying on machines minimizing our own intelligence.

Are Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Overhyped?

At a certain point of time, AI and ML were mere a fiction. However, with the technological advancements, industrialists deploy sophisticated Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning technologies using various tools and interfaces.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence may be manyfolds. But, don’t you think that Artificial Intelligence is Overhyped and Over-rated considering the current scenario, facts and figures. This is so because there are a lot of challenges involved in meeting the requirements as well the implementation of AI.

A coin has two faces. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence has two sides of the story. One, where its potentials are unbeatable and the other that its not mere a cake walk activity to attain the skills and implement it. It requires huge dedication and a great amount of expertise to make things fall at the right place.

Is Ai & Machine Learning Taking Over?

Having seen its computational power and time reduction, it can be easily said that AI and ML are need of the hour. Based on various surveys, one can easily see and declare that organizations are running after learning and implementing these technologies.

Gone are those days when Machine Learning was an eye candy and appeared to be fictional. Modern days have seen the rise in latest approach of Machine Learning showcasing a way to digital transformation giving a whole new dimension to our computations making it more efficient, scalable and reliable.

It should be noted that these technologies aren’t mere a fantasy or have evolved without any base. Rather, it is highly based on facts and figures. It is data-driven. Having said that, there exists a justification for each and every action or activity that takes place under Machine Learning. Altogether, over a period of time it has managed to evolve as a business – critical technology.

Deploying people having a knowledge and understanding of where abouts of Artificial Intelligence will give the right results and soon we will see Artificial Intelligence based on Machine Learning leading the show in the market everywhere.


Considering the potential of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it is highly fascinating to think of a world being automated and being functioned by robots. This would give the mankind a lot of free space and time to increase productivity on things which they think are more important and beneficial for them. Yes, there are ample number of challenges involved, but, humans are the creature on this planet with a sense of knowledge that can defeat any thorns laid on their way. Once implemented, Artificial Intelligence alongwith Machine Learning will give a new dimension of living in this world.

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