Project Management As A Service | Setting Up And Managing A Program Management Center Of Excellence(PMO COE)

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Current technological trend has made industries see various “as a Service” like Platform as a Service(PaaS), SaaS (Software as a Service), and many others. With the upcoming trends, industries are now moving towards “PMaaS(Project Management as a Service) “.

Yes, you heard it right. Project Management is being offered as a Service by many companies these days. There are several tiers in a project that needs to be focused upon and needs proper management. It involves providing resources, tools, services, capital, hiring managers and many more to build, manage and monitor the various activities required all throughout the project building process.
Program Management Center of Excellence is a centralized approach to manage projects and tackle the challenges involved in it. It is a full time center of training, consulting in order to manage the projects, events, program, portfolio and several other things. These centers provide a meaningful model to cater to the organization’s IT program by offering best practices, capital and many more.

Project Management As A Service

Project Management was just an internal feature till date. Organizations used to have an internal team who used to look after and coordinate for the project completion and delivery. Things actually used to go chaotic at times. Thereafter, organizations realized that work can be outsourced and the project managers can be hired. They may be from outside the company but, carrying an expertise to handle and manage the projects as per the industry level. This also ensures that the particular project of the company would stand as per the industry norms and standards.

We, at Falco, provide our clients with Project Management as a Service. Our Project Management as a Service model helps organizations and agencies by reducing the capital cost and giving cost flexibility.

Program Management Center Of Excellence

Program Management Center of Excellence have provided an efficient and sustainable model for catering the needs of an organization in terms of project management. Falco assesses and implements the PMOCE. We work on the principles of the advanced and efficient models outlined by the PMOCEs. We believe that, when done right, the model yields significant and positive results in terms of improved business and mission outcomes for organizations. Hence, our Project Management as a Service methodology is based on the same outreach.

We, at Falco have always focussed on the best practices, Coordination, and Communication while managing PMO COE. We ensure so by encapsulating our 5-step approach of Project Management. ‘Initiation’ determines the nature and scope of the project and ensures that the project meets its business needs. We then focus in planning the time, cost, and resources adequately to estimate the work needed and manage the risks involved. We pay our prime focus on production and execution step as this is very crucial and involves proper allocation, communication and management. The monitoring and controlling phase helps us to identify the potential problems to control the execution of the project. Finally we reach on to the completion/ closing of the project and it also includes the post implementation review.

Measurable Quality Standards

COE is a project management standard and compliance authority. It focuses on corporate project management standards. The definition and implementation of standards is their prime role. They manage the hiring and the whole authorization process for the business opportunities. The documentation, qualification, approval and project initiation of new business opportunities is the vital component of COE. They manage the corporate activities and regular meetings of the staff strengthens the project management. Aligning initiatives to strategy and organizational objectives. They recruit, train, measure the performances and analyze how to do things better.

Our PMO COE at Falco helps you to realize its strategic imperatives. We clearly define our vision for the COE. Our vision lies as the conclusive decision of agreed upon by all the stakeholders. We create the change management plan and deliver the same to you making you aware of the whole process with a step by step approach.

Smooth Transition In Change Management

A smooth transition is important in any change management during the project management. Your PMO may be focused or specialized in a particular business area, but, there may be a need or a request for the change in a business area. A change management plan need to be strategized and created to ensure the COE project management implementation. A communication plan always helps in doing so. So, it is a very basic and an important step to raise an effective communication plan. Falco carries a firm belief that if the interests and views of individual stakeholders reach a common point, that helps to manage change well. Hence, we maintain a transparency and make sure all the stakeholders carry a common view and agree on the decisions or any change.

Maintaining transparency and building up a comprehensive communication plan are key essential elements for change management. These can be thought of as tools to capture and manage the reactions or change in actions or emotions towards the change. The advantages can be many. The ROI would be improved with consistent customer benefits management. The organizational project enhancement capabilities would improve giving a clear career path for the project management personnel.


Project Management has been widely accepted as a service offering by the industry considering the need. There are ample number of organizations in the existence who offer the Project Management as a service and also the ones who avail it. With such huge demands, it has become one of the booming career field for many with wide scope. Organizations are setting up and managing Program Management Center Of Excellence for widening PMaaS(Project management as a Service). We, at Falco, being a technology agnostic company have analyzed the need and offer our own PMaaS.

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