What Is Adaptive Learning And Why Is That Being The New Adult Learning Tool

November 3, 2018 0 Comments

Adaptive learning refers to the educational/ teaching method that fetches the information/ details based on the interest, behaviour, and excellence of a child, generates a personalized report and throws/ pushes up to the child.

It encapsulates all the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It bundles e-learning, personalized education, micro-learning, cloud-based learning, gamification, etc.
With all its offerings, adaptive learning is being widely accepted by students, parents, teachers and organizations for generating courses of their own interest. It is, and can be applied in various fields including education, finance, banking, software and services, etc. Its feature of working as a learning methodology has made it much desirable. It generates the personalized report based on the interests and characteristics of the students.

Why Adaptive Learning ? Its Advantages

Adaptive Learning has wide range of advantages to count from. It helps teachers as well as the students on various fronts. As adaptive learning generates personalized reports of an individual, it is beneficial for the teachers to understand the strengths, weakness and thinking of the students. With Adaptive Learning, teachers can figure out at each stage that at which point the students are not able to understand and alter the teaching method to make them understand. In traditional methods, teachers were unable to figure out as to which teaching method is efficient enough or which is not. It used to take a lot of time to chart and figure out as to which student is struggling where. But, with the Adaptive Learning coming into picture, teachers can easily make this out and they can focus on each side seeing as to which child is lagging behind where. Adaptive learning also provides a platform that measures the level a student is comfortable studying or solving problems. This enables the students to focus as much as they can on a particular subject keeping them creative.

Due to its characteristics, Adaptive Learning has gained wide acceptance. Schools and Universities have started adopting adaptive learning. Course building softwares are under usage that suggests the titles of the topics where students need to focus on and bring improvement. Falco strongly believes in implementing Adaptive Learning at grass root level. We carry an expertise developed over a period of time in working on and implementing adaptive learning to all sectors for personalized and accurate experience.

Well Research Content And Presentation Using Machine Learning

Adaptive Learning will prove to be a transformational adult learning tool since the fundamentals of adaptive learning is to present well researched content to user through machine learning algorithms. These algorithms function in a way where they fetch all the appropriate info for the users. Fetching of these information is based on data gathering and extraction.

The Machine Learning algorithms use data to find the appropriate results. As a result, one can be definite about the accuracy and precision of the data because, every single data is well processed before showcasing the results or generating analytics. Also, each information generated stands analytically strong enough to address any arguments.

Adaptive learning

Adaptive Learning stands unique in its own due to the learning approach that it follows. This approach considers designing a big module into several smaller ones for better understanding. It is a completely planned and well designed approach that divides modules into smaller modules or eLearning courses that focuses on specific subject matters, rather than lengthy eLearning courses that covers a wide range of topics. It is seen these days that with the advancement of technology and availability of resources, people have shifted to being digital than the hard resources. As a result, the pen and paper model is depleting. Students find various course materials online and prefer studying from that bringing them the ease to study from wherever they want in a go. Falco believes in simplifying every complex technology and hence, emphasizes on implementing adaptive learning.

Adaptive Learning In Business & Enterprise

Adaptive Learning sounds to be more like a learning affair and related to learning sector but, it is not just restricted to that. It has expanded its root in business and enterprise. It helps the company and individual by helping business and enterprise to grow. There has been a dramatic growth in the recent years in the awareness and acceptance of Adaptive Learning in small and large medium enterprises. Still, there is further scope of mass acceptance and implementation due to the confusions that people have related to Adaptive Learning. Many of them don’t know what Adaptive Learning actually is. They are yet not known with the potentials and advantages that Adaptive Learning brings on table.

This technology and method is a way forward for the individuals in true senses. It drives the business growth to achieve the next level of growth. Catering as per its potentials, Adaptive Learning offers a completely personalized, digital and tutor-like presence. It not only gives strength to individuals in terms of creating, fetching and building their personalized results or learning titles but, it also brings in the scope of helping organizations to deal with their internal and external affairs.


Adaptive learning has proven itself to be an advanced and precise approach thereby, making its deemed presence in every growing sector. It brings out huge potential to cater individuals and organizations with their day-to-day learning needs by generating personalized results. These may be for an individual or maybe organization specific. Falco is a platform which hasn’t itself wandered around and reached gaining an expertise in implementing and dealing with adaptive learning, but also, it helps the follow citizens and organizations implement Adaptive Learning at ground level.

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