Moodle: The Tao Of Learning Management

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Learning is attached to every single entity. It may sound to be just a discipline but, it is really huge. Thus, arises an understanding that like any other vast discipline, it too needs to be managed. As a result, Learning Management is being offered as a Service with the help of various Learning Management Systems.

At Falco, we have done a detailed study over the years and arised at a conclusion that certain platforms drive user engagement much better due to its simplicity and flexibility. Having said that, Falco specializes in the Learning Technology consulting and Learning management systems implementation.

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System and is used by a range of Institutes. Moodle came up with a purpose to solve some changes in the learning management domain. It helps a great deal in processes like distance learning, e-learning and blended learning. Industry has wholeheartedly accepted Moodle due to its openness, open source codebase and the flexibility that it offers right from offering small requirements to industrial requirements.

It is very much essential to have an understanding as to what exactly is learning management. Learning management is the process of planning, monitoring and ensuring the complete learning process of an individual, a school, a college, University or an organization. Since learning is the key essential entity governing us right from our birth, it is very essential to choose the learning platform wisely. This is vital as the learning based platform ensures by providing ways and means as to what and how one’s learning experience would be. The need may vary from person to person. Many people opt for E-Learning these days due to the additional convenience that it brings in. Learning management softwares have boosted E-Learning. Please read below and allow us to take you through what Moodle is and how it is beneficial for Learning Management.

Learning management is a vital process that, at the ground level requires the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivering the learning as well as training courses/ programs. E-learning made it all possible. Learning management systems are the platforms which not only solved the purpose of Learning management in true senses, but also, they make the largest segment of the learning system market. Within an organization, to improve the skills of an employee right from employee induction, skill enhancement, assessment courses to compliance training program, companies are using gamification methodology. And when it comes to gamification, moodle is an absolute best platform to engage students and professionals’ learning experience. Moodle has a unique set of gamification plugins which works out of the box. At Falco, we offer custom development of gamification plugins for moodle based on requirement.

Learning management systems were originally formed to reduce the gap between the learner and the teaching/mentoring authority by an implementing adaptive learning approach. Adaptive learning primarily focus on the interest, behaviour, and excellence of a learner and generates a personalized report to improve the learning experience and results. When it comes to adaptive learning, moodle architecture to implement the basic questionnaires to advanced subjective question is simply outstanding and work like drag and drop. Most of the LMSs are web-based with added integrations. Also, these are being offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), On-premise hosting and Cloud hosting at a growing pace by allowing teachers to provide integrated courses. It has followed wide acceptance as it shows an ease of communication for the learner keeping them inline with the course content. It also allows to set up learning targets and timelines and allow taking customizable tests with accurate evaluation. At Falco, we work on and implement LMSs that would help the teaching staff in managing courses, users and roles. This allows to create multiple users possessing various access rights and different activities/ actions performed on them. On top of this they allow to go ahead with the online assessments and tracking student attendance with user feedbacks.

Dynamic mapping of course and metadata extraction is something that makes online learning platform scalable and moodle is API ecosystem mature to a level that organization can integrate with any other platform. This also ensures that frequent repetition of educational material within an organization. Since we have implemented from preliminary school to university level, at Falco, we are confident of serving any functional requirement and use case an organization or academia.

Moodle is an open source application which can be used to kick start E-learning by creating effective online learning sites. The objective is to make Moodle available to one and all over the world without any financial constraints. It is a learning platform which has been designed with a very much objective of providing educators, mentors, administrators, tutors as well as learners with a unique secure, robust and integrated system to build and offer a personalised learning environments.

It is a matter of great honour to be accepted by organizations and institutions, big and small, worldwide and powering tens of thousands of learning environment globally. Being one such organization, Falco has established a firm belief in Moodle as, not only learning, but it is also developed for teaching by offering a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments. Falco leverages Moodle for global organization, institution due to the flexibility it offers.The best part of Moodle is that, it governs a simple interface, with drag and drop features, and well-documented resources that make it easy to learn and widely popular among the mass.

A product is successful if it is not statically developed which means, it is under continuous observation and development and is being reviewed and improved based on user’s requirement. How about a software platform which restricts some people to use it as they don’t understand the language of the content present? Gross! Disaster! Right, this is the best part of Moodle that it is multilingual. Having said that, it means that Moodle eradicates all the linguistic limitations of learning online. It is being translated into more than 120 languages and countries.

One can easily idealize Moodle as an all-in-one learning platform, that offers the most flexible tool-set supporting both blended learning and online courses. It can be used with all its built-in features including the external collaborative tools like chats, blogs and forums. Having an all customisable open source platform is a cherry on the cake in itself having no restrictions on the number of users, na such is the cake with Moodle. From a few users to million of users, it doesn’t restrict. The USP of Moodle is that it is governed to safeguard data security and user privacy by constantly updating the security controls and implementing in Moodle development processes and software to protect against any form of unauthorised access, data loss and misuse. It is very much possible to deploy Moodle on a private secure cloud or server for complete control. With such huge offering of the features, that can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere, what else can one desire for. And yes, this is the reason Moodle is backed by a huge and strong community.

We, at Falco Peregrinus Technologies Private Limited, have always believed in the importance of learning and education at the core. For us, learning never stops at any stage of our life. Right from the moment we step into this world, till we depart, we keep learning throughout. And hence, we stand specialized in providing Learning management systems to our fellow beings, to learn, grow and make our respective nations a beautiful paradise with innovations.

We provide various learning and content services that helps one throughout their lifecycle. These are :

Learning management systems
Learning technology consulting
Content aggregation and conversion
Content development center of Excellence
Our team consists of mentors in true senses. We have worked with various LMS and delivery platforms. Our team of mentors also carry and experience and expertise in working with ERP based LMSs. It would be an honour to serve your requirements with the best of the LMSs including Moodle, Joomla, Sharepoint, SAP LSO, SABA, Docent, Blackboard, Plateau and KnowledgePlanet. We may also help you with the customization as well as the implementation of these.

The Learning technology consulting at Falco is driven by an experienced team which caters you and helps you in your learning technology needs. Our in-house experts offer to work with your team, train them on standards and help your team to architect solution to your client’s requirements. We offer Learning delivery technology consulting, SCORM and AICC consulting services and 508 Compliance Consulting.

We work or partner with you to make the most out of the data present with you and for you. We help you analyze, map and aggregate/convert the content in an efficient way. We provide you with content migration, CMS to LMS migration, cross technology content conversion and also, web-enabled content and website portals.

Falco is specialized in setting up and managing offshore development centres. Our prime focus is end to end learning development. We provide you with instructional and information architecture. Also, we offer web-based, computer based and mobile device based content development

Education or learning doesn’t mean literacy. Often, people get mistaken in these terms. A literate person may not be educated but, an educated person is always literate. Learning is one such stream that helps us understand not only the terms better but, also to understand things clearly in the actual version. Our learning level decides our overall personality development and depiction. Hence, having observed and understood the fact, Falco has always emphasized on the internal learning within its organization, but also to help our fellow people to develop into better citizens. Our learning solutions , learning management and learning management systems services helps one to develop themselves in a right way. We hope you all make the best of our services and solutions to offer and come up with flying colors.

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