Embracing Gamification As A Learning Methodology

April 1, 2019 0 Comments

Learning stood essential at the national as well as global level. It is that key element that helps person get wiser and build their personality. Learning makes it possible for the people to build the theoretical knowledge base with a practical

overview giving them a sense of judgment of what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, it is way ahead of the traditional overview having just the theoretical base. We, at Falco Peregrinus technologies Private Limited, through our years of experience and expertise have evolved around implementing ways and means solving mankind’s everyday problem statements. We believe in complementing pride not just in terms of solving the problems, rather, clearly conceptualizing and analyzing it by going to the core of the problem statement and eradicating it from the roots by proposing the best technical solutions. Also, we carry a firm belief in that one can conquer any odds if he is connected at the ground level. Hence, Learning is the key essential element of one’s life right from we take birth and step into this world. Thus, making learning an interesting way of grasping thing with best yields would promote ‘learning’ to ‘efficient learning’ and ‘joyful learning’. Thereby, we emphasize our Learning Management System(LMS) with a whole new framework called ‘Gamification’ to all those looking around for efficient and live learning.

Gamification is all about giving a whole new dimension to learning while playing methodology. It is about attracting people’s mind and feeding it with quality information making them grasp every bit of it. Gamification approach is a proven and efficient way for altering business administration as it shows the path to new ways to extend relationships. With the interactive method, people engagement and people management becomes really feasible and not only at the individual level, we have seen people coming forward and getting involved with each other making it a great team work. This not only ensures the productivity, but also helps in crafting longer-term engagement from the people’s end. Longer-term engagement in turn drives the customer and employee loyalty also creating trusted employment opportunities.

Falco believes that boosting up motivation is yet another major factor of gamification. Latest research on motivation and the big data generated by the user interaction shows that gamification empowers businesses to create true loyalty. Loyalty is the key aspect that builds up a sustainable organization. We strongly emphasize in building up a sustainable organization rather than a fast pace growing organization. A very general idea lies behind this. Gaining the loyalty factor helps the organization to sustain for longer terms thereby ensuring stability and sustainability. Falco believes in the saying that, “ To go faster, walk alone but, to go farther, walk together”. And we, being people’s company, chose the later one.

Anything and everything that one does has a ‘why’ factor attached to it. It is evident that there is a reason or a thought process involved in everything that comes up or anything that we opt to do. There is also a why factor attached in gamifying the daily aspects of our lives. Businesses these days are gamifying their processes for either increasing user engagement or motivating their employees. If we look deep into it and try to understand, humans love fun and games because of a very fundamental nature and gamification becomes one important factor for motivation.

Once the why factor disappears, the next thing that pops up is the ‘how’ factor. The question in this scenario is how gamification leads into motivation and further how motivation works for the people letting them gain a loyalty factor and sustain in the organization themselves as well as let the organization sustain. User retention policy is a great challenge in today’s world and, gamification eradicates that by motivating users to complete tasks and earn better incentives. Gamification is not actually a game, it is a technique to utilize the best of approaches in a non-game entity and portray it in such a fascinating way that it triggers the user’s mind and they complete the tasks with best possible approaches.

Falco believes in implementing things rather than letting it stay at the theoretical phase which is the ground level. A thoughtful implementation is the real validation of gamification strategy. Implementation may sound easy but is a very difficult one in the real scenario not just from the technical perspective but also in terms of social perspective. Especially in a corporate environment, it takes huge amount of time and effort to convince various stakeholders. There arises dispute of opinions when several stakeholders are involved. One may agree to the other or may not. This poses effect on the implementation of the strategy adversely. Having a thoughtful phase wise implementation will be more impactful. We have always taken care at the ground level that the implementation should be based on keeping the interest of end users in the mind. This would keep the end users as well as the organizations on the same page thereby restoring the trust.

After answering the ‘Why’ and ‘How’, now the next hurdles are ‘When’ and ‘Where’. These are the next set of important questions which are essential to determine as the field of implementation is highly important to know where actually the gamification is being introduced and when. The actions that we perform, should result in a positive trigger. When we perform an action, and it yields a positive result, it becomes our habit to repeat it. In other words, it acts as a trigger for positive feedback mechanisms. Good and efficient feedback mechanisms are crucial for implementing gamification strategy. The positive feedback mechanisms can appear like sparks, that helps a person to think and take certain action at a particular moment of time. Some people may have high motivation, but they lack ability. Here, the role of a facilitator is crucial to make the behaviour easy so that it can be carried out easily. On the other hand, there may be people who possess both the motivation as well as the ability. Such people just need a direction.

It is well evident and certain that there is competition involved at each level. The sense of competition should be taken in a positive way. When humans carry a sense of competition in them, it allows them to perform better than before thus enhancing their existing skills and taking them to the next level. A healthy competition is a path towards several ways. Let’s talk about the team. Falco has always revolved around the concept of teamwork and gained positive insights. Within a team, a healthy competition always improve collaboration and productivity. They learn from each other, develop better thinking capacity and hence innovate on better terms. To give competitiveness a new meaning, using gamification, company can work on infinite reward system model.

Incentives and gamification needs to be well integrated to build collaboration and progressive organization. User retention policy can be ensured by encapsulating these two crucial yet relevant entities. We, at Falco, suggest the model of offering incentives to the users and do the moral boosting by encouraging them to collect the rewards. This way users stay involved. Also, it serves the long-term relation goals thereby restoring the trust and loyalty.

Gamification sounds too technical and difficult, but, it actually is ‘FUN’. It is a kind of competitive play approach that is used to determine the skill. It engages us in various activities from ur daily life including learning, playing, conceptualizing and socializing. Falco recommends the implementation of our gamification strategy and Learning Management System in corporate environment. The three crucial W’s should be well conceptualized before implementing the gamification strategy as it may vary from one organization to the other. Also, to run a productive organization, we would like to put forth the idea of implementing our Learning Technology Consulting services in coordination with our Content Development center of excellence that takes care of all your content aggregation and conversion needs.

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