How Does One Evaluate The Effectiveness Of SEO

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) refers to the effort or the process of increasing the number of visitors on a website by adopting several methodologies and strategies. The motive is to let the site appear high in the search results.

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is similar to SEO as in both of these, the ultimate aim is to increase the web traffic thus increasing the awareness. In SMO, a brand is promoted on the social media platforms whether it is a product or service. Earlier, businesses were sought after local marketing for their brand promotion. But, since the days of technology evolution, businesses have moved towards making their worldwide presence on various fronts. It has helped small enterprises boost up their business, these enterprises implement the social media strategies to reach out to their existing as well as new leads.

Digital Marketing is the discipline which helps the brands promote their products and services using digital mediums through the help of internet. It can be considered as an extension of marketing where companies promote their products/services. Through digital marketing, although the physical appearance/ presence of the product cannot be made, but, the appearance of the product can be well depicted through the images.

Social Media Usually Company Use For Sales Brand Awareness

In their early days, businesses used local marketing for promoting their products. With this they were able to promote among a very restricted mass. As time passed by, with the advancement of web, they chose to move towards wider promotions. Hence, social media platforms became the most apt methods for attracting wider audience. Companies use the social media platforms for various reasons. The major and most vital use is for ‘Brand awareness’. End users will buy a product only when they are aware of the availability of that product. This awareness is created on social media platforms where people from global origin are present. This also lets the companies use these platforms for ‘Community engagement’. Engaging people is the most crucial and the most challenging task. This requires perfect strategies to attract the people. The next purpose why companies use social media is for ‘Lead generation’. Making visibility and generating lead on a global platform increases the chances of not only getting eads but, quality leads. Further, social media is the best way through which companies can display their content and make them reach a great mass with tremendous ease. And not only this, through social media, companies connect to their consumers and gain valuable feedback. What could be more beneficial than this after all?

Companies plan better strategies based on the results and response they get from the audiences on social media. Tracking the result of social media performance is all about tracking each goal with different parameters and investments made. Based on these results, companies get an insight who are the customers, which product is being widely accepted by audiences and hence they decide the demand and supply fairly.

Identify And Set The Goal To Track The Performance

If utilized efficiently, SEO may show your business at the top of the list which means that your visibility stands a chance of more than 90% in comparison with the other businesses to be visible. Since SEO and SMO are relatively a vast domain that includes several key aspects, it would be essentially tough enough to execute and track performance.This means that one should set optimization goals well in prior in prior to target SEO. In SEO, measurement is critical to success. There are many challenges too, the biggest one being the ‘Budget’. It is the most important part of meeting the expectation since SEO and SMO market is very competitive, and usually keywords or the highest rank is based purely on the budget. The search engines or the social media platforms set budgets for running your campaigns, to show your result on top, to map the keywords and to make it available to your potential target audiences. This is the reason while at times the growing corporates stand out in terms of showing up on the results while many small companies lag behind in terms of the budget front.

People might think SEO and SMO just to be the medium to appear in the search results, but it is a lot more and much efficient. Objective of SEO and SMO should be to improve the organic search results, creating awareness and syncing the brand with end users. Organic search results tells you as to the increment or decline in the number of visitors on the site. Based on these, organizations can alter their strategies to increase the visitors. The next biggest objective of SEO and SMO is to create awareness. This ensures that people know about your as well as your business’s existence and thus who all may take advantage and make most out of it. The most important of all the objectives is that they make the brands sync with their end users. End users are the prime importance of any business. Hence, it is ideal to bring in the brand goals as well as end user expectations inline.

Build Your Own Dashboard With Google Analytics To Track The Results

Google is one of the world’s leading software giant. Being a software giant, it has come along a long way in serving people with the best. Google search engine has received wide acceptance from the mass over the years. This is due to the expertise, safety and security features google has provided them with in all their products and services. They well justified the saying that with great power comes great responsibilities which helped people restore their trust in them. Since google brings this convention of search engine optimization, they offer the complete range of tools to make SEO and SMO a piece of cake. Businesses should use these Google powered tools to make SEO better. This would also add up to the safety and security levels.

In order to track the results, companies should build their own dashboard with the help of google analytics and monitor it rigorously. As the companies set up targets for their SEO, based on these targets, companies should build and customize the dashboard to track. As companies use various platforms for SEO and SMO, it would add a convenience level if the results from all these platforms throw up on a single dashboard. Thus, this integration with other channels bring whole results on single view dashboard.

Organic Search Result Is A Major Part Of Seo Success

As it is essential for the companies to measure the performance of their businesses, it is also essential to measure the SEO performance. We need to know if our SEO is mapping the right keywords or not. Primary objective of paid campaign and SEO is all about generating more traffic, over a period of time, SEO should improve organic search results. We need to keep a check if our efforts are paying fruitful result and not going in vain. Google used to rank up the website first based on the relevancy of content. Hence, in order to rate the SEO success, one must consider organic search result to find out the traffic, ranking and conversions.

Bottom Line Is Business Thus Conversion Rate Makes More Sense

As you would have noticed and also experienced, the bottom line of any campaign is ‘Conversion’, i.e., generating business ultimately. Therefore, campaign should be optimized for generating leads. Optimizing your website with a proper strategy may help serve your business in all new unique and personalized way. Needless to mention, optimizations may vary from business to business to serve their own purpose. In today’s scenario, those businesses stand successful who have managed to acquire the conversions. Conversion rate is all about – leads, number of subscribers, traffic and enquiry and hence, businesses should revolve around working on these and enhancing it.


Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization have eased out and provided a helping hand to businesses in optimization. Businesses should build up a strategy for their SEO and keep the result on track. Businesses should mark SEO and SMO as an opportunity and make Conversions thereby making the best out of it and making their business an ultimate success.

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