Blockchain And Adaptive Learning | How Can Blockchain Technologies Be The Change Catalyst For Adaptive Learning

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Blockchain technology is a part of fourth industrial revolution used to create the cryptocurrency, bitcoin. The technology involves the stored records in various nodes.

These nodes act as connectivity and pass on the information stored further to other nodes. The technology uses the authentication and authorization processes at each step to process the record further.
Adaptive learning comprises of all the latest and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to fetch and post the content as per each individual’s need. It is a complete bundle of e-learning, personalized education, micro-learning, badging, gamification, cloud-based learning, etc. Adaptive Learning works as a learning methodology by understanding the interest and characteristics of students and giving them their personalized results.
Blockchain technology has been implemented in learning industry at various levels and in various systems. This has helped in bringing unbiased and efficient authorization and validation in the examination process at wide rates.

How Blockchain Transforming The Authentication Mechanism

Blockchain uses point-to-point authentication system. This proves to be highly beneficiary as the point to point verification avoids the forgery and data manipulation. Once, the Blockchain is integrated in any sector or any system, the whole proceedings and all the steps are encountered by proper authorization and authentication. At every step, if the authorizations proves to be valid, only then the process is carried forward or taken ahead.

Due to it’s advanced and efficient mechanism, Blockchain is taking the industry by storm. Whether it’s the banking sector or the education sector, you can find Blockchain being implemented everywhere. And why not, when companies like Microsoft faced forgery in their early days of providing certifications, anyone could have. Blockchain has just worked like a saviour for all of them. Consider, in earlier days a candidate used to enrol for an online certification and instead, another candidate used to take up the examination on his behalf. Not fair right? Exactly, and this is when they came up with the idea to implement Blockchain. After this, there is a strict and accurate authentication process which keeps checking through the web camera whether the person taking the examination is the same all throughout the examination.

Adaptive Learning As Next-gen Learning Method

Typical learning is not fit for modern world. It needs something advanced and efficient to compete at the global platform. We need something really advanced. So, how about if a computer algorithm could orchestrate the interaction with the learner and deliver customized resources and learning activities to address the needs of each learner? Yes, think of it. This is the need of the current era.

With so much of advancements and competition, we need such intelligent systems that can generate the personalized results based on a person’s interest. Such systems that can analyze the Strengths, Weakness, Intelligence, Personal intelligence, can combine it and generate results or the courses best suited for the candidate.

Blockchain  and adaptive learning

Well, just implementing the systems or technologies isn’t enough. We should be also ready to actually accept and welcome the technologies. Welcoming the technologies mean that we should be comfortable in terms of using and adapting towards the technologies and systems. With the pace that we are going, people may not welcome it. But, it is what we need and experimenting has no harm, as you never know what would work out well for you. In today’s world and education system, people don’t know what they are good at or in which field they want to make their career in. They just blindly follow each other. Before doing anything people should have a self realization within themselves as to what they are good at, what their passion is and what they really want to do. And since people these days are not good at doing so, Adaptive Learning would be a great savior for us.

Blockchain Will Reduce The Dropout Rates

Implementing Blockchain can be of huge advantage. Since blockchain will deliver customized content to the learners, they would be able to maintain the interest in learning and hence dropout rates would reduce significantly. Since Blockchain technology would be implemented in the adaptive learning, there would be an added advantage. The personalized details, characteristics and personal interest of a person would be available to only the authorized person and won’t be visible to others. This way people would know their interest and take decisions accordingly, without carrying a fear of having it displayed to others. Also, since the personalized details would be upto and related to self, it would be of their interest and what they would like to do. Hence, being into something of personal interest, people would be more productive.

Blockchain would be able to improve the literacy rate in a country significantly since algorithm will generate interactive content automatically to learners. Consider, fashion designing excites you, it is your area of interest but, you are in a dilemma and can’t decide anything. How about the system itself recommends you courses, colleges, fee structure and subjects automatically on their own in detail, and you go about reading that, get really interested and finally do realize that yes, this is it, i want to do this.

Blockchain Will Replace Paper And Save Millions

Consider a college. Every single examination, contest or certification requires filling of forms. Thousands of candidates in a single college fill the forms. This is the scenario of a single college. How about the University, or the Universities of a state, or of a country? Well, one can not imagine the number of papers being wasted in just filling forms. If the paper system is ruled out completely, we would not only be able to get benefitted from economy perspective but, also, we would be able to save our mother nature which sacrifices several trees to be cut down in order to produce these papers. However, with the help of implementing blockchain, since the entire authentication and verification will be algorithm based, paper form filling won’t be required.

Data Is Again An Asset And It Belongs To Users

We are talking about authentication and authorization that it would help us in every possible way. But, since even authorization and authentication processes are digitized, the question is how to secure the data? Data may flow internally or externally, whether it is personal or organizational. Blockchain should also be implemented within the security systems and processes in order to safeguard the data.

Just sitting and laying out the guidelines or strategy isn’t enough. Is industry even ready to take adequate measures to ensure even the minimum guidelines of privacy? Often it is seen that even after the repeated guidelines given by the government, organizations are hindering with the security systems lethargically. This is the reason where the hackers find an unauthorized access advantage. Organizations should not only abide by the guidelines of the government, but, also work with them and offer their support to build advanced and secure security systems.


People should hold a firm grief and knowledge of their interests for making a successful and meaningful career. Newer technologies and methods like blockchain and adaptive learning need to be implemented in order to make systems advanced. If blockchain technologies and adaptive learning go hand in hand, then blockchain would act like a catalyst for adaptive learning. It would be a cherry on the cake.

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